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PUAS never fail to make you TAK PUAS

Subsequent to my stressful visit to PUAS Bhd on Mar 9, I patiently waited for the meter reader but as anticipated, they failed to turn up within the week as the officer promised. In fact no one turned up even after 2 weeks. I tried calling the meter reader but, typical of such organisations, no one picked the phone. Much later, Puas Berhad’s meter reader finally made his appearance but apparently not knowing what he was supposed to do ‘cos he asked my tenant “what was the problem!” and went off. :!: Weeks passed and then out of the blue on Apr 24, they went to replace a new meter instead of sorting out all the estimated and actual billings and the accounts. :?: Is that how they try to go around cutting off complaints that they find too much of a hassle to handle.

And now for the best part – 2 weeks after changing the meter they came to read the meter and gave me a bill for a whopping RM750.00. :shock: Can you imagine how a household with just 4 persons could use RM750.00 worth of water in just 17 days (this billing was from the date the new meter was installed).

On May 14, I went to PUAS Bhd’s office in PJ again. Hoping to get someone more efficient to handle my problem this time, I approached a different person at the customer complaint counter. But alas, I was disappointed (though not unexpected). :sad: These people seemed to be programmed with standard answers “we’ll send the meter reader over to your house to check the meter” Seeing it was pointless to continue with him, I asked to see their manager. But he replied that there was no manager. Then how about any senior officer who could help! None! I was really running out of patience. :mad: :mrgreen: Taking time off to go all the way to their office not once but twice was already stressful enough but to be confronted with such response and attitude definitely pushed things over the limit. I told him if I didn’t get to see someone senior who could handle my complaint, I was going to report them. He told me to go ahead and gave all the bills back to me. On second though he hesitated and picked up his phone to call someone and then asked me to go up to the 4th floor to see him.

After climbing 4 flights of stairs we found one lonesome guy who happened to be just a meter reader. Since he was quite helpful, we went thru the process of explaining the problem again to him. He retrieved my account from the computer and after looking at the RM750.00 bill, agreed that it was not possible for a normal home consumer to use up so much water. He reckoned that the pipe could be leaking to which I retorted that it only happened after the meter was changed. Since he was in charge of a different area, he would inform his colleague to follow-up by Monday or Tuesday. Based on my previous experience, I doubted there would be any action from his colleague. However he assured me that he would ensure it even if he had to accompany him to do the follow-up. He even took down my contact no. so he could get his colleague to advise me accordingly. My gut feel tells me that it’s just another “wasted days and wasted nights” trip but since he was quite helpful, I should give them a chance. :neutral:

Sad to say, as of today, the meter reader nor any one from PUAS Bhd had showed up. I called PUAS Berhad’s office this morning asking for the meter reader but as usual, they were out. No one picked the call and when asked to transfer to the manager, again no one answered the call. Looked like the whole office was deserted even at 11 in the morning. I called the operator again. One consolation was he sounded quite polite so I explained my problem. He transferred my call again and this time some one picked the call. He was quite helpful and asked for my account number and read out my name which meant that he was checking on the computer. Since he sounded like someone intelligent enough to handle my problem, I went thru the explanation again. He told me he would follow-up for me and asked for my contact no. (again). I’m keeping my fingers crossed this time. :roll:

Well, PUAS Bhd better buck up and rebuild their badly tarnished image. Imagine having the cheek to even dare to propose for 46% increase in water tariffs. With PUAS Berhad lackadaisical attitude and bad service, it would be more appropriate to prove themselves worthy of the current charges by first raising their customer service level by 46%! :mad:

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Bring Umbrella & Handkerchief

This happened in my husband’s office.
One fine day, his manager announced to the staff that an XYZ Company’s sales manager would be doing a copying machine demo the following morning but reminded everyone to bring umbrella and handkerchief. :?: They didn’t really understand what he meant by that until the demo started.

Their secretary was very excited and stood right in front of the sales manager to ensure she got the best view and missed nothing. However, after a while, they noticed their secretary slowly backing off, removing her specs and cleaning it. It then dawned on them why their boss told them to bring umbrella and handkerchief! The sales manager’s saliva was flying into her face and specs! Maybe wipers on the specs will help. :lol:

Does Good Academics Equates to Career Success

Does getting top academic results means one will be successful in life?
Well, I?m not so sure. I’ve worked with many graduates from both local and overseas, some even with Masters degree but surprisingly, once out of campus, they are like fish out of the pond. Despite their years of education, most of them can’t even write a proper business letter or proposal, have any business sense or even common sense when faced with customer complaints or enquiries. :shock: To further aggravate things, there’s the big ego issue to take care of. They aren’t willing to lower themselves and soil their hands in order to learn and understand the nitty-gritty of things. :sad: Little do they know that even the least academically qualified staff but with years of experience have a wealth of experiences that is most valuable and resourceful.

Therefore, doing well in exams and passing with flying colors are not an automatic passport to a successful career. Working life is definitely very different and no amount of academic education can replace experience. Many successful men did not even complete school including the biggest and richest name in the IT industry :!:
(However, that’s not to suggest that people should follow their footsteps and be dropouts!)