Daily Archives: June 24, 2004

Long LOST Friend

While doing my marketing one Sunday morning, I bumped into a long lost classmate of mine. We had not seen each other for almost 10 years and so decided to meet up for tea. Since she stayed in the vicinity, she offered to come by my place the following weekend together with her husband so he can get to know me too. :smile:

On the set date, I prepared some snacks and waited excitedly in anticipation for the get-together and to catch up with old times. They arrived as scheduled. After chatting for a while, she asked if I had used any Amway products. I casually replied no and that many of my colleagues were agents too, and went on to some other topics. However, when she kept coming back on the advantages of Amway products and their successes, it began to dawn on me that her motive for the visit was business driven NOT for friendship sake. :sad:

She was very persistent and stressed that I was missing out on a once in a lifetime money making opportunity. However, my mind was set – no direct selling for me. When she insisted to know why I was so adamant, I asked her “Tell me, who are your target customers or downlines?” Immediately she replied “Friends like you, of course”. To that I told her “My dear friend, that’s exactly the reason why I can’t and I won’t do Direct Selling. Taking advantage of friendship to make money from them is against my values.” :mad:

Of course they just couldn’t agree with me and thought me weird. Finally, just to pacify them, I bought a bottle of cleaner from them. Since then, she never contacted me again. :neutral: