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Follow up from our previous visits to Puas Bhd we did a simple test to verify if there was a leakage. We shut off all the valves in the house and found the meter still running at top speed. (This only happened after Puas Bhd came to replace the water meter and obviously they had damaged the pipe when replacing the meter). :mad: Since there was still no action from PUAS Berhad (as expected) and with the meter spinning at top speed, we decided to quickly call in the contractor to check out the problem. Puas Bhd’s meter reader finally turned up and gave a report on May 25 by which time we had already finalised arrangements with the contractor to immediately help fix the problem within a day.

Meantime, a report came from Puas Berhad stating that the new meter was working properly, that the problem was due to pipe leakage and that the owner was supposed to engage a contractor authorised by PUAS Bhd to do the repair (truly don’t see the reasoning for this). Anyway, by the time the report reached me, the repair was completed (I rushed the contractor to give me priority in view of the serious leakage). I quickly contacted Willy again (as he seemed to be the only helpful and intelligent staff in Puas Berhad that I’ve spoken to thus far) asking him how I should go about appealing for a rebate on the hefty bill which was thru no fault of mine. He advised me to officially write in and go personally to see an Encik Saharuni, the Head of Meter.

On June 2, we were at PUAS Bhd office again in PJ. We waited for about half an hour before we managed to meet Encik Saharuni. Well, he looked pleasant and accommodating (warning :!: Can be deceiving ‘cos ‘nice’ not necessarily equate to “action”). We explained our problem to him. Next he called up our account from his PC. After looking at the amount, he said that there were numerous such cases and starting this year, PUAS Berhad had decided to stop entertaining such appeals. However, when we handed him our written appeal, he told us that he would investigate and discuss with his boss. He added that supporting documents like invoices of repairs, together with photos to show the consumer’s cooperation and prompt action in stopping leaking pipes would further support the appeal. We were eager to quickly hand in supporting documents the following day to speed up the process. But had to wait till the following Monday as he would be away the next few days. I walked out of his office with renewed hope and a positive view of PUAS Bhd…alas! how gullible! :roll:

Punctually, we brought the invoice (caused me a RM2,500 dent in my pocket to relay the piping:mad:) plus photos to Puas Bhd on Monday, June 7. As he was not in his room, I called Willy who promptly came to meet us. He suggested we see the Head of Audit (Saharuni’s superior) who could give us an immediate answer, which would be even better. While waiting, Saharuni came back. He took the documents from us and told us to go back. Let him discuss with his boss and would get back to me by end of the week. Despite my offer to contact him, he insisted that he would call instead so I highlighted that my cell phone number was printed on my appeal letter.

The end of the week came and went by without any call from anyone from Puas Berhad. Well, he might be busy so let’s give some allowance. :?: Another quiet week went by. I finally picked up the phone to call Saharuni of Puas Bhd and guess what! he didn’t remember me at all (but I could excuse that since I might be just one of the many faces he could be meeting everyday over such issues). However even after giving the necessary references to my account, he didn’t recall a thing. :shock: So I diligently refreshed him. His reply was the familiar “Puas Berhad no longer accommodate such appeals from this year onwards. Nevertheless I’ll bring it up at the next meeting”. But I doubted if he had the slightest recollection of our meetings nor sounded if he sincerely wanted to seriously consider my case. One thing he succeeded very well – he helped pushed my rating of PUAS Berhad to a perfect ZERO. :twisted:

By now, I already knew that nothing would be done. :neutral: All the meetings and conversations were just a show. When I called him again, he said my appeal was turned down. I told him I was not satisfied with his answer. He replied that if I still wished to pursue the case, then I should see the Chief Engineer at Puas Bhd HQ. Obviously he was just passing the buck. :mad:

Refusing to admit defeat as yet, I rang Willy to verify if Saharuni did bring up my case. He said he believed Saharuni did try (of course he couldn’t say otherwise). However, a lot of things were no longer within the jurisdiction of their branch. Apparently the Chief Engineer was the top person at PUAS Berhad. As such, it would be pointless to go to that level as he wouldn’t be bothered to entertain such customer complaints. He felt it would be wiser to see their Head of Customer Service at HQ instead. Throughout the ordeal, Willy had been the most helpful and accommodating staff we’d met at PUAS Bhd (very likely the one and only valuable staff at Puas Bhd PJ). We truly appreciate all his support and help … Kudos Willy. :wink:

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