PUAS still a long way from puas

Despite being led on a wild goose chase by PUAS Berhad, I was still adamant in seeking justice and get a rebate for RM1000 plus water bill incurred from the leaking pipe. (The leakage had pushed the bill up from previous RM750) Afterall, the problem happened only after PUAS Bhd went to meddle with the water meter. For details refer to earlier articles

Unfortunately, my perseverance to fight the case met an abrupt halt. :help: Before I could go to Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor Berhad HQ, my tenant called me urgently on Jul 21 informing me that a few PUAS Bhd employees were at the house brandishing their authority and threatening to cut off the water supply due to late payment. :mrgreen: After pleading with them, they so magnanimously gave a 3 days’ grace to settle the full arrears failing which they would cut the supply. Now what choice did I have. Go head-on with PUAS Berhad and fight my case at the expense of my tenant suffering the inconvenience of no water or bend under their terms and pay up. For my tenant’s sake, I was forced to take the latter. I knew very well that paying up meant giving up. :frusty:

I was just one of the uncountable victims of PUAS Bhd’s irresponsible, poor management and total disregard for their customers judging from the complaints that appeared in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the newspapers. For as long as PUAS Berhad or Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor Bhd hold a monopoly business, they won’t bother to change or improve and the general public will continue to suffer. :sad:

And to add the latest news – the govt might allow PUAS Bhd to raise water tariffs by 2 to 4% so they can“improve their service” (big question mark :?: :?: ). Approving the hike is like a father encouraging the prodigal child to extort more money from the poor. If the govt is truly genuine in getting Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor or PUAS to pull up their socks, then make sure they clean up their internal mess, set realistic milestones and expectations to get their accounts in order such as work on collections from those bodies who owed them millions of dollars in arrears. Don’t sweep dirt under the carpet, take the easy way out and hound on the poor consumers instead just because PUAS Bhd don’t have the guts to apply water-cuts threats to those big consumers. :mrgreen:

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