Two cents worth

As usual, on every visit to a shopping mall, the trip won’t be complete for me without making a round to the supermarket (as long as there’s one located in the building). So today’s visit to Sungai Wang shopping complex was no exception. We made the last swing at Giant supermarket to pick up a couple of groceries. The total amount came to RM11.98 so I gave the cashier RM12.00. But she just gave me the receipt without the change. :shock:

Two cents worthThinking she might have overlooked, I asked her for it. She responded with surprise that I wanted the change then turned to her colleague to ask her for 2 cents and reluctantly gave it to me. I was surprised by her attitude. :?: Just because it was a few cents didn’t grant her the right to deny customers their change.

Probably she must be thinking I was so stingy, fussing over a couple of cents afterall many people these days consider one-cent coins as worthless money. But to me whether it be a one-cent or RM100.00, it’s still legal tender with its own worth and it’s minted to serve its respective function. On the other hand would she ignore it if it were the customer (or I ) who gave her short even one cent? Surely not. Otherwise, at the end of the day, she would have to cough out the shortage from her own pocket. Anyway, I wouldn’t expect her to. Whatever the case, she should at least have the courtesy to check out with the customer first. :!:

I know and have seen many people (and friends) who discard all the one-cent coins. To them that’s not money and a nuisance to carry in their wallet. :sad: Maybe most of the shoppers at that Giant outlet never picked up the one-cent coins and that cashier took for granted that I was also one of them. Well, if people must throw away one-cent coins (it’s really sinful and bad karma), please spare a thought for the poor and unfortunate and drop them into the charity box to accumulate some positive karma instead. :neutral: