Monthly Archives: October 2004

Good or Bad Investment

Most people seemed to think that renting out property is a means of steady revenue in your old age. Maybe this is true for commercial. For residential property, I really have my reservations based on my experience. :neutral:

I have a house which I rented out. (Mind you only one; unlike some people who invested in a number – it’s a wonder how they coped. Probably they never had such problems.) The first tenant occupied the house for less than a year. Though she paid on due date but left me enough hassle to exhaust the little rental collected over her short stay. The doors and kitchen cabinets had to be repaired, thanks to her seven pet dogs who made such “deep impressions” and “carvings” on them. They also made sure that they choked up the mosquito netting and ventilation with their hairs. :mrgreen: It took us 2 full days to vacuum and clean up the house. Arrears in utilities bills came to a whopping four figure. Mind you, this tenant was recommended by my neighbour’s friend!

Once beaten twice shy so I decided to use broker instead of friend’s introduction. The first month’s rental went to the broker for her services. Well, to think that after the big cleanup, paying the broker, settling all the documentation and the new tenant has moved in, I could sit back and relax? Dream on! :sad:

The first call came after two weeks ; there was some strange odor from the sink and the kitchen roof was leaking. So I called in my contractor to rectify the problems and of course at a price. Next, came another call. This time the pipe was leaking and ended up having to redo the water piping system for the whole house. All these repairs already put a big dent in my pocket. On top of this, the shuttling back and forth to the Water Works Dept over the water charges incurred as a result of the burst pipe ; another whopping RM900.00! :roll:

With all the hassle and expenses incurred to upkeep the house I’m truly skeptical if renting houses is such a lucrative deal. Or is it just my luck! :omg:

New Toy

My friend saw me using the Olympus Mju Wide 100 a wide angle zoom compact in our last outing and was interested to get one for her coming trip to Beijing. From our experience, we find that the best bargain for such cameras is at the Sungai Wang Shopping Complex. We took her to the previous shop that I bought mine but surprisingly, they have turned themselves into a specialty shop for digital cameras. With the abundance of camera shops in the complex we very quickly just popped into the next shop which was just a few lots away.

We were lucky second time – no problem with the stock. :wink: However, when we heard the price, my friend was definitely even more lucky – only RM580. :grin: That was a real steal compared to the RM780 I paid when I bought mine early last year (same model). On top of that the lady running the shop seemed to be on a good day this morning and threw in a set of four Olympus designer watches with different colored wristbands to represent the four seasons. Well, the deal was quickly wrapped up with my friend getting the cameraTiger Hill Pagoda, Suzhou China plus spare batteries and films and 4 free watches, all ready for her holiday. :lol:

We expected the price to have come down after a year but not that much. Well looks like the intense competition on pricing over digital cameras has also taken a toll on the film cameras as well so that is good news for camera shoppers, digital or film alike.

Nevertheless I am happy for my friend. She got a good bargain and a good Olympus camera. I’ll be looking forward to enjoy her pictures when she’s back from Beijing. As for myself, no regrets. The lovely pictures I took with my Olympus Mju Wide 100 on my trip to Shanghai last year are well worth the investment on my new toy. Hope my friend enjoys her new toy too. :wink:

Thanks to my Olympus Mju Wide 100, I was the only one in our tour group who managed to capture the above picture of the complete Tiger Hill Pagoda in Suzhou. :up:

Michael Schumacher caught practising in Wrong Lane

Every morning we (my husband and I) walk to the wet market as part of our morning exercise cum marketing. Once we reached the market place, I will busy myself with browsing thru all the stalls and pick up the day’s supplies of greens and meat. For my better half, he will get a copy of the newspapers to keep himself entertained until I finish my marketing.

This morning was no exception. After I was done, I went to look for him at the waiting place. Today’s Formula One’s race is at Suzuka and of course, he being an ardent F1 fan, Formula 1 news is the first thing he reads. The minute he saw me, he said

“Hey, yesterday Tokyo was hit by Typhoon Ma-On and all F1 action was cancelled but you know what? Michael Schumacher was caught practising in the wrong lane yesterday!”

My immediate response was

“What!? Wrong lane? :shock: Are you serious? What’s wrong with Michael Schumacher lately! Hit by a stint of bad luck in the last 3 races, drove like a clown in Shanghai and now practised in the wrong lane! What’s gone into the invincible champion of Formula 1 :!:

He then showed me the papers with picture of Michael Schumacher practising………bowling. Ooops! I was conned! :oops: Sure, that was a different type of lane. Couldn’t help but burst out laughing. :lol: How cheeky! Would have squeezed his neck if we weren’t in public place. Anyway, that was good additional jaw exercises besides the morning walk. :grin: