Monthly Archives: April 2005

Credit Card and

These days, one just can’t have a peaceful walk in a shopping mall without being inundated by those annoying and persistent bank sales people literally pushing credit card application forms into your face. :roll: As if that’s not enough, these banks are sprouting booths in any trade fairs as well.

While we were having a relaxing walk in the Mid valley Megamall after a movie, we walked by such a credit card booth at the Center Court. There we saw some pretty girls dressed in bank uniforms, spotting a big smile holding an application form and waving a sample credit card, waiting in anticipation to corner any potential customers who passed by their booth. :sneaky: When one of them started her sales pitch on us, my better half looked into her eyes seriously and asked “Jobless can apply ah?” :naughty: The question completely caught her off guard. She instantly stepped back and after a few seconds, got back her composure, gave us an uneasy smile and walked away. :shock:

Well, even I never expected such a question from him though I must admit that I was equally amused as well as amazed by my husband’s cheeky response. :grin: One thing for sure it was definitely a very effective way of fending off these sales people. This method has ever since worked for us in stopping those credit card promoters right on the spot. :yes:

One day we were making our way through the PC Fair, a local personal computer fair. Of course given the crowded and compactness of the stalls in PWTC or Putra World Trade Center (which is typical of most exhibitions) there’s just no escape from these aggressive credit card “pushers”. :help: My other half used the same technique and terminated the credit card promoter right on her track. :wink: However, this time he was in for a surprise as there was another form pushed right in front of his face! Before we actually realised what it was all about, another sales promoter from the neighbouring booth with a big smile on her face said “Hi Sir we are from….”? :spineyes: