Daily Archives: May 21, 2005

First & Last Visit

Today is Wesak Day. After visiting the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple in Brickfields, we decided to detour to Chinatown to check out some tea shops there. There were a number of them on Jalan Sultan. Suddenly I sensed some familiar grumblings from my tummy. :roll: A quick look at my watch confirmed that it was just past noon.

We noticed a vegetarian restaurant just across the road so thought we might as well break for lunch. :smile: The place was not big, with tables for two-some on the left and four-some on the right and a couple of bigger round tables at the end just in front of the pay counter. We took a table for two and the waitress came to take our orders – a plate of fish rice, a bittergourd noodle and one glass of plain water. The glass of water came with a thud, spilling some of it onto the plastic mat. :eek: Well, obviously she’s not happy with orders for sky juice! Anyway, we weren’t the least bothered by such poor attitude as we already noticed her grumpy look :mean: with our simple order.

After waiting for almost 30 minutes, there was still no sign of the food. :sleep: I turned around and noticed a couple of tables who were before us, were still not served. We could see that people were getting impatient and agitated with the tortoise pace service. In fact the guy from the table adjacent to us couldn’t wait anymore. He asked his companion to pack his order and left.

Our food finally came. :spineyes: When we were done, we thought it best to go to their counter to pay rather than risk another long wait for the waitress to bring the bill and then the change. I waited at the table while my husband went to the counter to pay to speed things up

He was away for quite long so I thought he probably went to the loo after paying. However contrary to what I thought, he was held up at the pay counter due to some billing anomaly. :neutral:

Apparently the amount came to RM15.50 which didn’t seem right so my husband asked the cashier “why so expensive” as we had only a plate of rice, one noodle and a plain water. :?: (Based on the prices printed on the menu, we noted that the rice and noodle should come up to RM9.80 and plus the glass of plain water should total around RM10.00 plus.) When she showed him the cash register printout, there was a RM5.00 charge for “OTHERS” which she couldn’t explain when queried. :shock: After much hesitation and fumbling at the cash register another man from behind the counter came over and took a look at the cash register printout. Without a smile or saying a word or offer any explanation at all he started keying into the cash register and print out another receipt a revised amount of RM10.30. No more printout or receipt on the details was given, nor even a word of apology for the discrepancy.

Whether it was a genuine oversight or a deliberate overcharge only they themselves know. :lipssealed: formosa veg cafe Nevertheless, we give them the benefit of the doubt though coming from a vegetarian restaurant certainly seemed ironic. (Oh, probably their business focus is on vegetarian as a health aspect rather than the spiritual) For sure, their customer service and attitude definitely left much to be desired and as far as we are concerned that would be our first and last visit to Formosa Vege Cafa. :no:

For the venturesome who wants to see for yourself, do so by all means, only please make doubly sure you scrutinize the bill before paying. :wave: