Daily Archives: July 11, 2005


We have a local brand of instant noodle called Sarawak Mee Golok that we’ve a special liking. :smile: Generic instant noodle is eaten in the soup form whereas this one is taken dry i.e. after boiling the noodle, the water is drained off, then the seasoning is mixed in.

Much to my surprise, my better half came up with an innovation when left to survive on his own while I was out of town. :idea: He substituted the seasoning with tomato ketchup and EUREKA! simply delicious. :up: To bring out the perfect combination of both noodle and tomato taste, add just enough tomato sauce to evenly coat the noodles; so don’t be greedy and pop in too much sauce.

As a reward for his discovery, he’s knighted the royal chef for this special dish (ps: he can’t cook anything else) :naughty:

mee golok combi