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Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)

My late mum had a savings account with BSN (or Bank Simpanan Nasional – the national savings bank formed by the Finance Ministry to encourage and promote saving habits). It was opened with the BSN branch near her house (just 5 minutes walk) but had since closed. Only a nominal balance is in her Bank Simpanan Nasional account which has not been activated for almost 6 years. (If a bank account is not activated for more than 7 years it is considered a dormant account, the monies will be transferred to Bank Negara or the country’s central bank as unclaimed fund. :wave: )

On Jul 12 at 2.15pm, I called up Bank Simpanan Nasional HQ to check out the withdrawal procedures for a deceased account. :phone: I asked for BSN Savings Account dept and spoke to one lady called Kuzi. I briefed her that the account was under my deceased mum, the location of the Bank Simpanan Nasional branch where the account was opened and that I’ve obtained the necessary legal document, namely Grant of Probate that authorised me to withdraw the money.

Kuzi advised that I could process it at the Bank Simpanan Nasional HQ at Wisma BSN in Jalan Ampang. For PJ accounts, the BSN branch at Wisma PKNS in Shah Alam could also handle such withdrawals. Since I stay near to Jalan Ampang I told her I’d prefer to go to the BSN HQ. When I asked if I should see anyone in particular, she said just go to any teller on the ground floor of Bank Simpanan Nasional Savings Dept. Before I hang up, I noted down her name as a point of reference in case I run into some problems when I’m there.

FYI, this is one habit I’ve developed from experience that has proven its worth time and again especially when dealing with government agencies. In addition, I also recorded the date & time of my call. Well you never know when such info can be so helpful at times. :yes:

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