Bank Simpanan Nasional – Finally

It is over a week now since my last visit to Bank Simpanan Nasional. Although Jagjit said that her colleague at BSN Shah Alam branch promised to process the transfer in 3 days, I doubt it would be done. So I decided to give a week’s allowance instead. :neutral:

On July 26, I contacted Jagjit. After checking with her colleague at Bank Simpanan Nasional Shah Alam, she called me back saying that it was just pending the signature of the BSN manager in charge who happened to be away. :sleep:

Exactly another week later, on Aug 2, I called Jagjit. She happily told me that everything was cleared and the money was transferred into my newly opened BSN account on July 27, finally, i.e. the day after I called. It would seemed that the BSN manager was not around for more than a week but became available immediately after my call on July 26 – so amazingly coincidental. :naughty:

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