Make Your Own Jams as Easy as ABC

One day my friend’s mother gave me a bottle of her homemade marmalade jam. It tasted really good so I asked her for the recipe. :smile: With that first recipe I’ve cultivated an acquired love for homemade jams that is set to be our daily breakfast companion. :wink: Since then, I’ve checked out other jam making tips from the internet as well as recipe books and experimented with different fruits as well as improvised some adjustments to suit our own taste and preference. yummy golden marmalade jam Now we are so spoilt with our very own 100% genuine homemade preserves that we have problems finding a mass produced brand off the shelf with the texture and taste that meet our expectations. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not blowing my own trumpet. It’s just that generally those available in the supermarkets are either too sweet (for the locally produced) or too jelly-like (due to added pectin/gelling agents).

Actually making jam is as easy as ABC. :whistle: Not joking because basically you just chop up the fruits, boil them in water and sugar until it starts to gel. All that’s needed is time and patience to cook it until the mixture thickens. It’s also a great way to convert excess fruits or non crunchy apples to some delicious spreads for your morning breakfast. Coupled with the fact, one can customise according to your likes in terms of

i) amount of sugar
ii) types of fruits or combination
iii) creamy or chunky texture

For those who have a passion for jams or keen to try their hands at it, I would like to share the very first recipe that I used. For beginners, take this as a kick start recipe to get into the hang of it. Once you have the experience, you can move away from a rigid recipe and innovate with different fruits or combinations of fruits, the amount of sugar added, etc., in other words treat it like an art. :yes:

homemade golden marmalade jam
Mixed Fruit marmalade

1 grapefruit
3 oranges
2 lemons
1 ½ kg sugar
2 litres water

1. Clean fruits, remove stalks
2. Remove skins and cut them into thin slices
3. Boil fruits and the sliced peels in water for 1 hour
4. Stir in sugar and continue to boil for 2 hours or until it gels to a rich golden color.
5. Fill them into recycled jam bottles.
6. Store in fridge when cooled.

Trust me, it’s simply so yummy enjoying your very own homemade creation. Just dripping good on toast or biscuits. – :up: