Bittergourd (or Goya) Delight

While browsing thru the food review section of the newspapers, a picture of a bittergourd dish caught my attention – it was cooked with a combination of eggs and bean sprouts. What really aroused my interest was the presence of bean sprouts in the dish. :!: It definitely looked unique and new to me. Bitter-gourd is one of our favourite vegetable. It is a versatile gourd that can be cooked in numerous ways such as stir fried with eggs/pork, stewed with chicken/pork, stuffed with fish paste or as a soup. In fact I have tried out many combinations and styles but never with bean sprouts added. :roll: I decided to read on. To my surprise it was a specialty dish of a Japanese restaurant. Rather than going all the way to that restaurant just to savour that bittergourd dish, yours truly decided to put her skills to test. :sneaky: From the picture, I gathered there were 3 major ingredients, namely bittergourd, bean sprouts and eggs.

Bittergourd or  Goya DelightThe next day I bought all the necessary ingredients and my Goya Delight made a grand entrance for dinner. And now comments from the critique – none other than my better half of course). :lipssealed: He took a mouthful, chewed on it slowly, swallowed it as I eagerly watched him in anticipation of some positive reactions or “yummy” look. However he just stoically carried on with his dinner without a word nor any expressions. So with a dejected smile, I asked him “not nice ah” :sad: Staring hard at me with a frown on his face he replied “what do you mean not nice!” and paused. Feeling disappointed and was on the verge of saying “better try next time, I was totally caught off guard when he continued and said “It’s simply fantastic and the best I’ve ever tasted!” Feeling pleased and satisfied I retorted “Of course, see who’s the chef.” :naughty: