My Nosy Old Fridge

After 20+years of loyal reliability, my Panasonic refrigerator finally succumbed to the signs of old age. :wave: It started with some intermittent noises that grew louder and more often until the freezer compartment totally stopped making ice while the fridge compartment started growing icicles. :sleep:

I immediately called the repair guy to check out the fridge. After impatiently waiting for half a day, two young technicians came over. They took a quick inspection and concluded that it had to be taken back to their workshop to repair. For sure I would be without a fridge for at least a day or two.

However, I was told that it could be up to 3 days if there were more major problems. :spineyes: One of them issued a service receipt for me, then quickly loaded the fridge into their van and left…..

yeah! left me with a mess to sort out :frusty: – with all the stuffs laying strewn on the tables and the kitchen top and having to find ways of digesting the perishables and how to store and organize the non perishables. :omg:

service reportWhile contemplating my next course of action, I stared blankly at the service receipt, hoping for some inspiration when the description of the service fault caught my full attention. :roll: It read : down ice so many, up no cold, nosy

Gee, that was some description alright! Both my husband and myself really had a good laugh reading it over again and again. No doubt any English teacher would be dumb-struck with such writing. :lipssealed: So out of the mess, we at least had some entertainment! :lol:

Hey, our old Panasonic refrigerator now got a new name – The Nosy Old Fridge :naughty: