World wide web to my rescue

Is the Internet good or evil :?: Well it all depends on how people use it. Similarly like money – some say it’s the root cause of all evil while others may think otherwise. In fact this same principle applies to most things in life. :yes:

The internet is a real wealth of info source, provided people don’t abuse it. The type of info and knowledge that can be sourced from the internet is practically limitless. However you will also need to exercise your wisdom to single out the good and factual info from the questionable and fictitious one. Personally I felt enriched with the many tips and knowledge obtained from the internet. :idea: Just to share some of the valuable learnings I’ve gained:-

1. I inherited a very old singer sewing machine from my mum-in-law. The stitching was giving some problems. It was not easy to get a repair man to do such jobs so I tried fixing it but without much success. I went to the Singer website and….. Bingo!…they have a great customer support website with comprehensive info on troubleshooting, type of parts and availability, down to any singer sewing machine models that cross referenced to serial numbers, year of make, quantity produced and manufacture location! If not for this I would never guessed that I actually have a half a century old singer sewing machine sitting in my house! :roll: So there you are…just a few surfs, clicks and browse on the PC and managed to solve my old singer sewing machine problem plus a new discovery of an antique! :wink:

2. Few months ago I was “blessed” with bees problem. :omg: They seemed so determined to build their bees hive on the ledge of my backyard gate. I sprayed water to shoo them off, scrubbed the gate numerous times with all sorts of detergents, sprayed insecticide but all to no avail. :mrgreen: Finally, I thought of searching the web for help. There weren’t specific websites dedicated to such problems (as in the sewing machine’s case). Nevertheless there were some tips from forum discussions that suggested use of moth balls. I hanged some mothballs around the gate and Guess what!… The worker bees and the queen bee came several times to inspect the place but after a couple of days the bees must been overwhelmed by the pungent mothballs because until now they’ve never returned. :wave: If not for the internet, by now I probably have some fresh supplies of pure honey just in my backyard but may end up having to protect myself with face shields and gloves all the time! So with the world wide web, don’t worry “bees” happy haha! :D

Thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee and all those unsung heroes who helped build the World Wide Web
……. And my appreciation and thanks to the people who have so generously and magnanimously contributed their time and effort to put together the information for the world to share. :up: