Motivator for my Morning Walks

Getting started is always the most difficult part in anything we do. :help: Just take exercise for example. It really takes a lot of determination and will power to kick start yourself into the regime of regular exercise. However, once at the pole position, an even bigger challenge is to sustain the momentum. :whistle:

I’m never lacking in enthusiasm where games are concerned but when it comes to exercises like workouts in the gym or jogging, I’ll always have some excuses to get out of it. :no: However, at some stage in your life, we have to embark on some form of exercises to lubricate that biological engine of ours. What I did was add in an end interest to take away the monotony. I enjoy going to the wet market every morning. Instead of driving to the wet market, I walk. By doing this, I get to exercise and also do my marketing at the same time. :naughty:

The wet market opens for the mornings only. Most of the stalls are make-shift stalls that provide a pretty good mix of merchandise. Core products are vegetables, fish, meat and poultry; groceries and fruits. Catering to the instant breakfast palette are fried noodles, local cakes, nasi lemak, dim sum, dumplings & baus (buns), fresh soy milk & bean curd, fried crullers and you name it they have it. :roll: Even shoes, clothing, accessories, kitchen appliances, are available, depending on which day of the week. Well, it’s like an open-air natural-con mini market. :yes:

Shopping in the wet market has its flexibility and advantages the amount (quantity) you want to buy, selecting which cut of meat and poultry, pick and choose the vegetables, different stalls to choose or get the best bargain and last but not least, customer relationship. :D For those whose priority is to shop in comfort, the wet market is definitely not their cup of tea. :| But for many traditional folks like me, the wet market is truly a nostalgic form of motivator for the morning walks. :up: :wink: