If only the stock market is like the wet market, all those “gamblers” would bet their last dollar and be laughing all the way to the bank! :lol: Why? Prices of almost everything are increasing ever so often. It’s true that the escalating oil price is the cause of this vicious circle but traders are also taking advantage of the situation to jack up their profits. You can hear all the groans and moans from the housewives as they do their morning marketing. :cry:

However, this morning I witnessed a most shocking scene or rather despicable is the word. :evil:

This housewife selected some sweet potatoes then passed them to the vegetable seller to weigh and price them. To cushion the price shock, the vegetable seller forewarned the woman that the price has gone up tremendously, in fact by a hefty RM1 per kilo. 8O But her haughty reply literally made everyone puke: :mrgreen:

Oh, no problem at all. Afterall, price is not an issue for me. Just like the greens prices are spiraling but no real concern for me.

I had to control myself from giving her my dagger stare! :mean: Gosh, what’s she trying to imply! Flaunting her riches! Hey! spare a thought for those struggling to make ends meet. :x If she’s so high and mighty, what’s she doing in the wet market! :?:

Well, this is a typical example of the Chinese adage “her spit alone is enough to drown a person!” Braggart!