Friends from High Places

Ever wonder how birds and bees select the location or spot to build their nest? :?: Does feng shui play a part in their selection? I sure would be curious to know why? because our house seems to be their target. 8O

Bees tried to build their hive in my backyard. After chasing them off, a few months later, the bees came buzzing back, but this time to the front porch instead, near the skylight. :help: I used the mothball method to chase the bees off. So far so good they have not returned despite the queen bee circling in for a visit couple of months back. :lipssealed:

Last week two little birds came gliding in and out of our porch, tweeting and chirping, giving the illusion of living in the woods, like the Disney cartoons. It was quite enlightening :) ..until we found out what the birds were up to. :roll:

bird constructing nestInitially, we noticed pieces of dried leaves and bits of tissues near the shoe rack. Thinking they must have been blown in by the wind, I just swept them away. Awhile later, there were pieces of twigs and cotton at the same spot. Was wondering why the wind kept bring rubbish to the same spot when some fluttering sound caught my attention. :whistle: I looked up and saw a little bird trying to wound a small twig round the cable of the electric meter. So that’s the little culprit! :naughty:

Well, we welcome the birds visit and singing but setting up their home within our home is something else. Once they’ve flown away, we pulled away twig and leaf to discourage the birds from continuing with their construction. However, no sooner have we gone into the house when the two birds (newly wed I guess) would fly in another piece of material. :| Each time we removed the materials, the birds would fly in new ones. We thought they would relocate their site when disturbed but surprisingly they were not bothered and has been persistently coming back to build at the same spot. :omg:

For two days we played this tug of war with the birds but it didn’t deter them. Finally, my husband decided to openly show our objection. While one of the birds was within view, he removed the twigs. At one point the birds were noisily tweeting as though they were scolding him for interfering with their construction! :phone: After repeating that a couple of times, the birds finally got the message and flew off. :wave: Surely the birds found us most unaccommodating but we just could not permit them building a nest near the power meter. :evil: Imagine how unhygienic with all the birds droppings and saliva besides causing some safety problems too.

By the way, this is also the 2nd visit by the birds. :o Last year a different specie of bird tried weaving its nest at the same spot. That one was more sensitive. When we moved the wire, it took the hint and flew off.

Anyway, directly opposite our house is a small field with quite a number of trees that provide a natural nesting environment for birds and bees. Surely that is anytime a better and more conducive nesting place for my friends from high places than my house! :sneaky: