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The story of the Kiasu & the Boleh vs Mr Rakyat.

Once upon a time…. in a galaxy far far away, there was a planet called Alamak. On planet Alamak was a tiny island which was connected to a piece of land via a century old causeway. On the island lived a tribe called the Kiasu and on the land lived another tribe called the Boleh.

So the story begins….

One day the Boleh tribe wanted to build a bridge to replace the old causeway and they named it “A Bridge Too Far”. The Boleh tribe was full of zest and enthusiasm over their new vision and :idea: idea. They started talking to the Kiasu tribe and invited them to join the “A Bridge Too Far” Project. :phone:

Many questions were raised between the two tribes and the discussion for the bridge project carried on year after year without getting anywhere. All because the Kiasu was unhappy that the Boleh developed the idea and initiated the project before them. :twisted: So they tried to get level with the Boleh by formulating a win-lose agreement to boost their ego macho heroic image and to make the Boleh looked lowly and small. The Boleh certainly didn’t agree with the conditions laid down by the Kiasu. :no: However, because of their Boleh mentality they insisted on going ahead with their project. The Boleh continued to discuss with the Kiasu hoping to come out with a win-win agreement. Striking an agreement between these two tribes was seemingly impossible with the two types of mentality and attitude of these two contrasting tribesmen.

10 years passed and still no agreement was reached. So the Boleh decided to do it alone and build the “A bridge Too Far” on their territory water without having to bother with the Kiasu tribe. When the Kiasu tribe knew what was happening they became furious because it would make them “lose face” if ever the bridge was completed without them being part of it. :sneaky: The Kiasu tribe threatened the Boleh with legal action and wanted to bring them to the Supreme Council of planet Alamak for “skinning their face”.

So the two cartoon-like tribesmen went back to the conference room once again. :spineyes: The result of their discussion, as every sentient being on plant Alamak, from Ants to Zebras knew right from the beginning, was another total dead-lock.

Meanwhile deep under the sea where the bridge was supposed to be built and where the causeway was, lived a :sleep: sleeping water dragon the UlarNaga named “Rakyat.” From inside his silicon crystal castle down under the sea bed Mr Rakyat was getting restless and disturbed with the commotion above the sea. With these two tribes; continua toying over his domain for the last ten years it had become increasingly unbearable for Mr Rakyat and he was now irritated and agitated. :mad:

Enough was enough! From deep down under the sea Mr Raykat the UlarNaga with his super-natural power he catapulted to the sky like a thunderbolt breathing fire and steam. Mr Rakyat stirred up a Dragon Storm towards that bridge over the troubled water. He commanded the Operation Dragon Storm for 7 days and 7 nights; rain fell and hailstones pelted and knocked the Boleh‘s head. Mr Rakyat was trying to knock some sense into their heads. :help:The younger Boleh started to sing “rain drops keep falling on my head‿ and their vision started to blur like the clouds in the Dragon Storm.

Finally on the 7th day Mr Rakyat with his super-natural power he commanded a strong Dragon Wind to blow at the Boleh. When the blowing of the wind was done the zest and enthusiasm of the Boleh‘s “A bridge Too far” project was also gone with the wind. Mr Rakyat exterminated the Boleh tribe’s vision and their “A Bridge Too Far” project was now gone with a wink:wink: of Mr Rakyat. Satisfied with the result Mr Rakyat the UlarNaga calmly returned to his silicone crystal castle under the sea. The Boleh kids waved at Mr Rakyat as he submerged beneath the sea, cheering and singing “Puff The Magic Dragon live by the sea….” :wave:

Shaken by the super-natural power of Mr Rakyat, the Boleh tribe informed the Kiasu tribe that no further discussion was required for the project as Mr Rakyat the UlarNaga had terminated the project. The Boleh told the Kiasu tribe that Mr Rakyat the UlarNaga or the super water dragon wanted to see no more and hear no more of it and they had better stop all other activities over Mr Rakyat‘s domain. The Kiasu tribe was in a total state of shock :shock: when they heard of the latest development. Anyway, the Kiasu had no other alternative but to accept the fact as their limbs do not follow their brain when they heard the shocking news.

Apparently it was timely that Mr Rakyat stopped the “A Bridge Too Far” project as the Boleh had just started the foundation work. If Mr Rakyat were to stop the project 10 months or a year down the road the Boleh tribe might end up with a Dock or a Wharf instead of a Bridge that spanned out from their coastline. :grin:

Ironically the Boleh tribe was often obsessed and addicted in getting themselves listed in “Book of Planet-Alamak Records”. So the untimely intervention of Mr Rakyat was in a way unfortunate for them. For Mr Rakyat had cost them the opportunity for another prestigious “Kepochi Book of Alamak Records” for having the Planet Alamak’s largest, biggest, longest and tallest dock on the planet! :whistle:

Lu Yu’s poem.

         Moutains of gold I do not require,
         Jaded white cup is not my desire,
         Status and rank I least aspire,
         Fame and fortune I care not to acquire,
         I only thirst for water from Yangtze west,
         Far as Jingling I wandered for to fill my quest.
                     Lu Yu (733-804)  The Saint of Tea.

Two days ago I didn’t feel well in the early evening and went to bed early. The problem with going to bed early is you also wake up early, so that night I woke up in the middle of the night. While lying in bed and trying to get back to sleep a poem written by Lu Yu the Saint of Tea just kept popping up in my head. Mentally I started translating it to English. The next morning I started to input into my PC and after several revisions on our(my wife and I) translation, the above is our final translated version of Lu Yu’s poem.

A short biography of Lu Yu;
Lu Yu was an orphan abandoned by the lakeside at the west lake of Jingling city and was found and adopted by Zen Master Zhi Ji of LongGai Monastery when he was 3 years old. The name Lu Yu was given to him by Zen Master Zhi Ji after consulting the Yi Jing – “The Book of Change”(I-Ching). Zen Master Zhi Ji taught Lu Yu everything about Zen Buddhism and the Art of tea. However, Lu Yu had no interest in Zen Buddhism but he mastered the Art of tea from his Master while still a young child.

He ran away from the Monastery at the age of 12 and joined a travelling performers troupe as a comedian. Lu Yu, though not blessed with good looks and spoke with a stammer, was brilliant and witty. He wrote 3 books of comic sketch and became a very famous and popular comedian. Together with his already remarkable knowledge in tea, many high ranking Jingling officials befriended him and he took that opportunity to learn and travel with them, spending time drinking tea and tasting water. He later settled in Zhejiang, retired in the wild and became a semi hermit to concentrate on his quest and research on tea. He spent 20 years from 760 to 780 on his research and the result was the publication of his book — Cha Jing (The Tea Classic). This was the first comprehensive treatise on tea ever written in history. Later, books on tea mostly based on his writing and expanded on with new findings were published.

Lu Yu was offered many high ranking positions in the palace by the Tang Emperor all of which he politely turned down. His only love was tea and the nature of the poem above was a true reflection of his character. He had travelled to many places tasting water and found the water west of Yangzte river near Nanling city the best for brewing tea during his time. Lu Yu was a multi-talented man and a competent poet as well but his master-piece Cha Jing had overshadowed all his other works. It was learnt that Zen Master Zhi Ji stopped drinking tea all together after Lu Yu left the monastery because no one brewed tea like Lu Yu. After Lu Yu died he was bestowed The Saint of Tea and some people even worshipped him as the Tea God. In fact many Chinese tea shops and tea farms still worship him.

While writing this articles I remembered an ex-colleague who can’t wait to brag about the expensive “Ming Dynasty” tea cup he used for drinking tea. :yawn: Obviously he know little about tea and had a lot to learn from The Saint of Tea – Master Lu Yu! :whistle:

Tsunami and Earthquake victims need you!

More than 200,000 people have lost their lives in East Africa and South Asia in the aftermath of the earthquake off the coast of Indonesia and resulting tsunamis on December 26, 2004. Thousands more are homeless and helpless, young children have lost their parents and many have been hungry for days. If you would like to help, please make a financial donation to the relief groups listed below:
:help: Karuna Trust
:help: UNICEF.
:help: UN World Food Programme.
:help: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
Thank you