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Shoes Appeal

Life is really funny. :wink:
6ft gateMy left-hand side neighbour has the highest gate and fences in the whole neighbourhood most of our gates are only 3-4ft high whereas his is a towering 6ft. :roll: Our houses are all compact linked 2-storey town-houses so you can imagine how his house sticks out like a chimney in the middle of the long row of houses. Despite all the high security, he’s the only one who had his expensive shoes stolen time and again. :yes:

Each time it happened, he would make a fuss and told me “ Aiyah, so fedup. Last night thieves climbed into my house and stole my shoes – they’re expensive stuffs all my shoes cost about RM400 ~ RM500 per pair and the thief took them all. You better store your shoes properly:mean:

But I told him “Oh, I don’t have expensive shoes like yours so don’t think the thief would be interested.:naughty:

Brokem glassThe first time it happened, he fixed sharp pieces of broken glass on top of the wall besides the gate. :| The 2nd time it apparently happened, he blamed the maid for not locking the gate.

Today, I noticed that his latest security measure was twinning barbed wires to his grills! :omg:
Barbed wires
Honestly, I truly have my doubts about the thefts. :| Why it only happened to him eventhough his house is protected with such “high security” gates and forbidding fences. One interesting point is these thieves only stole his shoes after the risk of climbing over a 6 foot tall gate and fences! :roll: His immediate neighbour never locked his gate and we’ve never heard him complained about his things went missing. Another reason for my doubts (very strong one) is based on a secret his maid shared with me. :sneaky:

One day she smelt dead rat so went sniffing high and low to search it out until she arrived at the shoe rack and discovered that it was from his shoes! She almost puked. :spineyes: And to think that someone kept wanting to steal his shoes! :?: Unless that thief was a pervert addicted to stinking shoes and got lured by such foul aroma otherwise he would have been suffocated even before making his getaway! The mere thought of it had both of us in stitches and laughed until we were in tears :lol: (wonder if his ears were itchy that day). :naughty: If only he knew how we were making fun of him, he would go into fits with anger! :mrgreen: Anyway, his maid has since gone back to Indonesia so it’ll be a buried secret between the maid and I. :lipssealed:

shoe with not takerOn the other hand, this other neighbour had left a pair of shoes on the ledge besides the gate for months yet there were no takers. :no: The pair of shoes were sitting there so pathetically for months, weathering the rain and shine. Even the garbage collectors came and went each day without showing the slightest interest. :cry: Maybe the shoes didn’t look like a RM500 pair of shoes! Or rather because it didn’t smell like dead rat! :naughty:

My Nosy Old Fridge

After 20+years of loyal reliability, my Panasonic refrigerator finally succumbed to the signs of old age. :wave: It started with some intermittent noises that grew louder and more often until the freezer compartment totally stopped making ice while the fridge compartment started growing icicles. :sleep:

I immediately called the repair guy to check out the fridge. After impatiently waiting for half a day, two young technicians came over. They took a quick inspection and concluded that it had to be taken back to their workshop to repair. For sure I would be without a fridge for at least a day or two.

However, I was told that it could be up to 3 days if there were more major problems. :spineyes: One of them issued a service receipt for me, then quickly loaded the fridge into their van and left…..

yeah! left me with a mess to sort out :frusty: – with all the stuffs laying strewn on the tables and the kitchen top and having to find ways of digesting the perishables and how to store and organize the non perishables. :omg:

service reportWhile contemplating my next course of action, I stared blankly at the service receipt, hoping for some inspiration when the description of the service fault caught my full attention. :roll: It read : down ice so many, up no cold, nosy

Gee, that was some description alright! Both my husband and myself really had a good laugh reading it over again and again. No doubt any English teacher would be dumb-struck with such writing. :lipssealed: So out of the mess, we at least had some entertainment! :lol:

Hey, our old Panasonic refrigerator now got a new name – The Nosy Old Fridge :naughty:

Mirror Mirror On the wall

When our office was relocated to a multi-storey building, the parking area was on the first four levels. As the area was quite congested, for safety reasons circular convex safety mirrors were installed at strategic positions to pre-warn drivers of oncoming cars. These safety mirrors were carefully tilted to the right angle to provide the best view of those blind corners. :arrow:

safety mirrorWell, anyone who holds a legitimate driving licence would surely be familiar with such safety mirrors….so we thought….until one of our colleagues proved otherwise! :roll:

The morning after the safety mirrors were installed, one of our colleagues was surprised to see a big round mirror on the pillar besides her parking lot. Thinking it must be a vanity mirror, she took the “initiative” to adjust it to get herself in view so she could touch up her looks after getting out from her car. :spineyes:

When she met us in the lift she so eagerly remarked “Did you people notice something this morning? 8) Don’t know which stupid fella installed some mirrors in the parking lots but have them mounted so high up and all facing the wrong directions. What for huh? Put so high up scared people steal ah? Then why put it there? Anyway I adjusted it so I can look at myself. :cool2: Aiyah, that’s what mirrors are for, right?”

My better half had to rub his ears to reflect what he just heard. Then, starring at her in disbelief, he blurted out and said “haaah…..” paused then involuntarily lengthened his neck and rolled his eye balls like a twister before blurting out “…. lei mo gau cho ma? (a Cantonese expression meaning “you must be kidding”) :omg: … Don’t tell me this… you actually don’t know what Safety Mirrors are for?”

For someone who’s been driving for decades (though it’s only as far as from her home to office which is about 20km radius) this was absolutely incredulous. :no: Nevertheless, when news spread about her “creative use” of the safety mirror, it provided the office with some light entertainment for the next one week. :naughty: Well, this surely lives up to the motto of “innovation working for you” :yes: