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Don’t Touch Anything

While on the subject of painting, my husband recalled an amusing incident in the office. :lol:

The work tables in the senior managers’ rooms were to be revarnished. The contractor was instructed to stagger the paint work over weekends in order not to inconvenience these busy managers. However, the managers were advised to clear away all important things on the table to avoid any mishandlings by the painters. One of these managers was especially particular about her things. On the weekend that was scheduled to do her desk, after clearing her desk, she emphasized to the painter not to touch any of her things in the room before going off for the weekend. Her exact word was “Just do the painting and DON’T Touch any thing else on my desk.” :mean:

The following Monday when she got back to the office, first thing she did was to organize her table. When she lifted the linoleum pad from the table, she screamed her head off, complaining that the painter did a terribly slipshod job. :frusty:

When my husband and the contractor went to inspect the job, they just couldn’t help snickering to themselves :naughty: while she was fuming mad. :mrgreen: Guess what? the painter followed her instructions of “don’t touch anything” to the letter and painted the whole table by circumventing the lino pad and her desk phone. Well, she did not remove the lino pad and her desk phone as it was big and not an important item, expecting the painter to use his common sense to do so. But as far as the painter was concerned, he has been strictly instructed “Don’t touch anything“. :whistle: Whether the painter was pulling a farce one on her to get back at her standoffish attitude? You decide. :wink:

The painter did proof one thing – his immaculate skill by painting round the desk phone and the linoleum pad without leaving a drop of varnish on the items and his listening skill in following instruction to the dot. :up: If I were the painter I would say “Madam, If you are not happy with the result, it’s not my fault. Just that your instructions were not clear.” :sneaky:

Famous National WOODS

Ever heard of some famous national Woods? :wink:

In the US there are Hollywood & Tiger Wood :cool2:

For India they have first Bollywood and now also Kollywood :roll:

Well, for Malaysia we too have our very own solid Rubberwood :up:

(from my :naughty: husband!)

Blind Followers

The latest fashion craze that hit our local scene are figure hugging hipster pants topped with under-sized blouses.  Some even add an attention grapping tattoo mark between their bumps.:naughty: In fact an interesting station for this bird-watching exercise is the shopping mall. You can be assured of the most interesting and creative form of so call “self expression” of dressings by the most varied of models – right from sweet young teenagers to matured aunties and mothers, the slim and slender to the fat and flabby. :evil: :no:

Personally, I don’t exactly condone this fashion. Even for those who have the right figure to carry this fad, called me old fashioned if you like, I find it too suggestive, especially those who wear their pants so low as to expose the valley between the two moons.:mean: However, one must surely salute those gutsy enough to brave the trend by blatantly allowing their pathetic flabby protruding loose tummies cradling so precariously on the hipster pants. Sometimes you wonder if the tummies will fall off or the pants will drop first if they hurry up the stairs.:omg:

Well, it’s sad that most people are just blind followers. For the young to want to be in vogue, it’s understandable but surely those matured ladies should check it out with “mirror mirror on the wall” first before hitting the streets. In trying to dress to kill, they ended up killing the dress and themselves.  But if they have a Simon Cowell husband, they could be saved.:lipssealed: