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Langsung Tak Puas With PUAS

My mum’s house has been vacant for the last 4 months. The last tenant moved out in October. When the water bill came in Dec 2003, I settled it in full together with all the arrears. Then, between Jan 20 and Mar 8, I received 3 bills all showing overlapping dates of meter reading, conflicting amount of water consumed and type of reading i.e. E, N, A (Remarks on the bill shows only 2 types i.e. E – Estimated reading, N – Normal reading but what’s A or when they introduced it! :?: Anyway, the only common factor in the 3 bills was, the amount charged and they never knock off the arrears paid. Moreover the house was vacant during that period so obviously no water was consumed. I checked the meter and there was nothing wrong with it. But we have to pay PUAS Bhd for not using water – what a joke! :mad: So, I’ve no choice but take a trip to their office to straighten out the billings before the next tenant moves in. Though I know visits to such dept is always an agony yet the aftermath is still as stressful and grueling….. Continue reading